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Watch Stefanie compete at NYMF



Check out Stefanie's recent performance of the Bernstein piece "Glitter & be gay" for the New York Musical Theatre Festival's "Next Broadway Sensation" competition semi-finals.


Rave Reviews of Maria in West Side Story



“Usually the ingénues, Tony and Maria, are the least interesting characters in the show. Not here. Stefanie Izzo's Maria is just the right touch of feistiness, wide-eyed innocence and heartfelt, first-love passion. She will break your heart, and her soprano is flawless. [Paz's] connection with Izzo is very real, and so, unlike other productions (including the movie), we care about these two star-crossed lovers very much. Their "Tonight" duet left audience members in tears. Even better, their version of "One Hand, One Heart," a song usually forgotten amongst the Bernstein-Sondheim repertoire, became absolutely thrilling. No longer is it a song that you just want to fast-forward through; here, you want it to last forever.” – Peter Nason, Broadway World



“Stefanie Izzo as Maria is ideal in every way, with a beautiful light soprano, fine acting and actually looking like she might be 17 or 18.” – William S. Oser, Talkin’ Broadway



“Maria is cast in Stefanie Izzo, who has both a crystal soprano and the acting spunk to make us believe she'd betray her family for love. Her dramatic chops really evolve in the second act.” –Stephanie Hayes, Tampa Bay Times



UPDATE: Stefanie's performance in WSS has garnered her a Theatre Tampa Bay Award nomination in the "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical" category. More info on these awards can be found here

Praise for The Medium


"Soprano Stefanie Izzo brings a gorgeously rich and full sound to the part of Monica, Flora’s daughter and partner in deception, who acts out revealing romantic power games with Toby." – Adam Feldman, Time Out NY


"Stefanie Izzo possesses a gloriously expressive soprano and portrays Monica, the daughter, with youthful warmth that by contrast serves to highlight the work’s darker elements. The highlight of the evening is the complex, marvelously disturbing scene in which [Toby] confesses his love to her. She sings and dances an affecting waltz, and he plays the violin while she voices his sentiments. They almost kiss but abruptly return to the land of make believe, burying their illicit love within silly children’s games." – Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage


"Baba's young daughter Monica (lush-voiced Stefanie Izzo) provides the soundtrack for the juvenile departed...a promising young soprano."– Sandy MacDonald, Theatermania


"As Monica, the medium’s daughter and unwilling accomplice, Stefanie Izzo brought a warm Puccini-sized soprano to her two arias." – James Jorden, NY Post


"Soprano Stefanie Izzo, as her young daughter, Monica, sings most sweetly. There’s evident sexual electricity between Izzo and Edmund Bagnell as Toby, the orphan boy her mother took in—they were raised together as children, but something more magnetic holds them in thrall now that they’ve matured." – Bruce-Michael Gelbert, Q Onstage


"Stefanie Izzo gives Monica just the right 'Carrie'-like tortured adolescent girl-feeling."  – Steve Weinstein, Edge New York


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